High Grade NeuroEndocrine Carcinoma of Ethmoid Sinus

Diary Of Chemo And Radio Therapies Appointments And Treatments

Below is a list of the actual appointment dates and times I was given and have attended so far in 2018. They are basically just a follow up to my 2017 diary appointments web page, so that you have an idea of what happens after the chemotherapy treatment stages and how long it takes in general to complete a cycle of nine chemotherapy treatments together with radiotherapy treatments.

The appointments below begin two weeks after my chemotherapy Cycle #3, including the results of my radiotherapy treatment, and any other chemotherapy treatments and appointments needed and attended thereafter. They should give you a realistic snapshot of technical problems that can occur and whether or not my cancer treatments were successful. And if not, what the final verdict was; among other things.

Appointments In - JANUARY 2018

10th - Oncologist - Consultation with the oncologist to examine the results of my third chemotherapy treatment (Cycle #3) so far, my ct scan and mri scan, and to talk about my radiotherapy and overall treatments plan.

Result: The oncologist explained in great detail the specialists' plan for my upcoming radiotherapy treatments and more precisely what the possible side effects could be and would be. The oncologist was pleased that my tumor had shrunk as expected and that my red and white blood cells were in fine shape.

11th - Holistics Consultation - A pre-radiotherapy consultation (known as a Holistic Needs Assessment) with my cns, dietitian and speech therapist to answer any questions I may have at this point about my chemotherapy so far and the possible side effects from my upcoming radiotherapy treatments. It was also a chance to get help, if needed, with financial matters, spiritual needs, social support and medical needs.

Result: The team of specialists explained things very well, answered all of my questions and more importantly took the time (nearly 2 hours) to listen to my concerns and needs.

15th - Radiotherapy Day - 1st day of radiotherapy treatment.

Result: All went well. No side effects afterwards.

16th - Radiotherapy Day - 2nd day of radiotherapy treatment.

Result: All went well. No side effects afterwards.

17th - Radiotherapy Day - 3rd day of radiotherapy treatment and consultation with AHP (Allied Health Professionals).

Result: Radiotherapy treatment should of started at 9:20am, but because my face mask needed technical adjustments that took combined hours of measuring, refitting and waiting around, it meant I left the hospital at 4pm.

This long day included a blood test and a 30 minute consultation with my AHP team. The face mask adjustments were unavoidable and needed doing to better target the x-ray beams, hence why I just put this day down to an experience. At the end of the day I appreciate the nhs staff are trying to save my life, so if something needs technically adjusting..... Apart from the above said, all went well. No side effects afterwards.

18th - Radiotherapy Day - 4th day of radiotherapy treatment.

Result: My front crowned tooth came out two days ago whereby it had to be reglued and repositioned slightly (moved about 1mm forward) by an emergency dentist. This meant my mouth piece for my radiotherapy face mask was now pushing towards the back of my throat by 1mm, which caused me slight breathing problems. I could of had the mouth piece redone today but I persevered instead, as the technicians will fix it for tomorrow's radiotherapy treatment anyway. Apart from the above said, all went well. No side effects afterwards.

19th - Radiotherapy Day - 5th day (end of 1st week) of radiotherapy treatment.

Result: All went well. My mouth piece was fixed, ready for today's radiotherapy treatment.

23rd - Photo Day - Had photos taken of my head and neck skin to document the future of those skin areas in terms of skin conditions such as rashes and infections. I was told other photos would be taken during and shortly after the remainder of my radiotherapy treatments.

24th - AHP Team - Consultation with AHP (Allied Health Professionals).

26th - Magneseum Infusion - Had a magneseum infusion (drip feed) for one hour in the Haematology ward at Guy's hospital (London).

31st - Oncologist - Consultation with oncologist to examine results of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Appointments In - FEBRUARY 2018

7th - AHP Team - Every wednesday, from the 7th onwards, I had a consultation with my AHP (Allied Health Professionals) team to discuss my diet, health and needs.

9th - Creatinine Infusion - Had a creatinine infusion (drip feed) for two hours in the Haematology ward at Guy's hospital (London).

14th - Magnesium Infusion - Had a magnesium infusion (drip feed) again for two hours this time. The chemotherapy treatment I have when on radiotherapy treatment too seems to be lowering my magnesium levels. I was told I might need another after the radiotherapy treatments have finished.

21st - Oncologist - Consultation with my oncologist to discuss further chemotherapy treatments after my radiotherapy treatments.

Result: My tumour after chemotherapy cycle #2 had shrunk by 50%. And as I had another chemotherapy cycle (#3) before my first radiotherpy treatment, it means my tumour could of shrank by as much as 75%. Did not have any more ct, mri or pet scans after that, so this is just a guessimate based on the first two chemotherapy cycles shrinking 25% each. I was also offered extra chemotherapy treatments for March, onwards.

23rd - Radiotherapy - Finished six weeks of radiotherapy treatments.

Appointments In - MARCH 2018

7th - Neurologist - Consultation with my neurologist. He explained what might happen in the future (i.e. one year from now) in terms of aches and pains.

21st - Oncologist - Had a consultation with my oncologist - I signed the paperwork for another (the 6th) chemotherapy cycle, that should help prevent a secondary cancer from forming in the very distant future.

Appointments In - APRIL 2018

6th - Dietitian - Had a review of my overall progress and recent weight loss due to a stomach infection caused by my last chemotherapy treatment whereby I was given a two week supply of protein drinks to help with my recovery.

15th - Hospital - In hospital for six hours for infection of the saliva (parotid) gland.

30th - Oncologist - A consultation about my last chemotherapy treatment and the saliva gland infection.

Appointments In - MAY 2018

3rd - Lymphoedema Seminar - A head and neck massage/exercise seminar for people with Lymphoedema. My oncologist told me I have a very slight case of Lymphoedema - Nothing surprises me anymore!

14th - MRI Scan - Had the mri scan that helps determine whether or not any cancer cells/tumor still exist in my head/body.

17th - Lymphoedema Seminar - Another head and neck massage/exercise seminar, which was exactly the same as the previous session. Yet another waste of time and NHS resources.