High Grade NeuroEndocrine Carcinoma of Ethmoid Sinus

How To Obtain Your Cancer Ct Scans And Mri Scans

Before you begin any kind of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatments you are asked to sign, an optional, permission letter that gives the NHS the right to use your CT and MRI scan images and certain information about you and your case (without identifying you as a person, both in name and photo, where possible) in their medical journals, over the internet, in books and other forms of media.

As most, if not all, of the information and scans they will gather about you (over your weeks of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatments) are for their internal use only (i.e. to educate specialists and students), I would not worry too much about giving your written permission; especially as the research could help students, specialists and other cancer patients in the future.


To obtain a copy of your CT and MRI scans (images), which are saved onto a CD, you first need to visit or write to the following address in order to fill out a 'patient access' application form. It is a simple form that requires your name, address, hospital number, nhs number and other personal details. If visiting, the office is open Mon-Fri: 8am - 5.30pm. Alternative contact - Tel: 020 7188 7525 / Fax: 020 7620 0750 / E-Mail

Once you have filled out the form and signed it, you will then have your hospital records (i.e. CT and MRI scans/images) burnt onto a cd for you; while you wait if you visit their office. The whole process takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on the information you require. And once your cd has been made you will then be charged £10, which you get a receipt for.

Information Governance Department
First Floor, South Wing
St Thomas’ Hospital
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Westminster Bridge Road

If you write to the above address to order your cd via post, you may have to wait a few weeks for your cd to be created and sent to you; which is not a bad option if you live outside of London of course. However, if you are being treated in a London hospital, I would recommend you have your cd burnt when you are next in London.

What Is ON THE CD?

If you requested your CT and MRI scans (images), what you will see on your cd are the same images your oncologist showed you (i.e. images of your tumour) together with medical records (i.e. notes written by the various specialists looking after you in regards to your cancer condition, symptoms and tumour).

CD Images

The CD Viewer software can take you through your scans image by image

CD Records

The CD Viewer software can also show you what the specialists wrote

Although you would not normally need your cancer medical records, and would probably order them just for curiosity of what was documented, you may want a copy to show your grandchildren and/or document for your family history.