What Are The Main Symptoms Of Ethmoid Sinus Cancer?

Unbearable Toothaches - Cheek Bone Aches - Electric Shocks

On this page you will find descriptions of the main symptoms and problems I had, and may still have, with regards to my diagnosis of High Grade NeuroEndocrine Carcinoma of Ethmoid Sinus. A rare form of sinus cancer that only has around 100 recorded cases in the entire world; making me unique but unlucky at the same time because not many people will have had treatment for it.....and survived.

The main symptoms and problems of High Grade NeuroEndocrine Carcinoma of Ethmoid Sinus that I had, and/or still have, were/are in the Nose, Eye and Face (Trigger Neurology), but also include/d the Neck.

Lumps (Lymph Nodes/Tissue Growths) - IN THE NECK

Regardless of any other symptoms and pains I experienced before being officially diagnosed with cancer, the one symptom (sign) for sure that proved I had cancer was the presence of small lumps (known as: Lymph Nodes/Tissue Growths) growing in my throat/neck regions.

My neck lumps were growing too big, too hard and too rapidly to be neck muscles for example, which I originally thought they were due to me taking up weight lifting (dumbells) again. With these lumps not disappearing after a month or so though, and with a lump already growing under my right eye (under the skin) and a neck lump measuring at least 2cm, I thought it was time to visit my doctor.

I subsequently found out that if a lump (tissue growth) is not caught (diagnosed) early enough, grows into your bones, and proves cancerous, removing the cancer will be more difficult. Hence the importance to have regular doctor check-ups and at least one blood test per year.


Any sign of lumps on your face and/or neck should not be taken lightly. A blocked nostril may just be a sign of Sinusitis and an aching eye together with headaches may just be that your prescription has changed, but lumps (tissue growths) are something that you should see your doctor about. Take lumps as serious until your doctor says otherwise.

As an example of the above said: After my last Chemotherapy treatment I developed an infection of the saliva gland (parotid gland), which put me in hospital for 6 hours (for diagnosis and treatment) whereby I was given one week of two strong anti-biotics that took me a further two weeks to recover from. They knocked out my energy to a point I needed to rest and sleep for hours.