What Are The Nose Symptoms Of Ethmoid Sinus Cancer?

Unbearable Headaches - Blocked Nose - Thick Mucus - Can't Breathe

On this page you will find descriptions of the nasal (nose) symptoms and problems I had, and may still have, with regards to my diagnosis of High Grade NeuroEndocrine Carcinoma of Ethmoid Sinus. A rare form of sinus cancer that only has around 100 recorded cases in the entire world; making me unique but unlucky at the same time because not many people will have had treatment for it.....and survived.


When The Problem Started - No air could travel in and out of my right nostril, which meant it was completely blocked air-wise. Mucus could still be produced and blown out, with difficulty, after a few weeks but it would come out as a very thick, sticky glue-like, substance; normally clear thick mucus with red blood that looked like a diluted orange version of the mucus.

The problem here was that the nostril would then block again, straight after blowing out the thick mucus. And even when the mucus became dry a few weeks later, forming into sugar-like blood crystals, it would stick to my nose hair and nose skin like glue; making picking difficult!

Nostril Mucus Problems

My blocked right nostril used to produce a thick, sticky, mucus with blood inside it

With Chemotherapy - Luckily towards the end of the first week of chemotherapy treatment my right nostril began to unblock. It was a very slow process where on the fifth day for example I only got a few hours of airflow, but over the sixth and seventh day the hours increased dramatically whereby I could breath through that nostril as before.

Blocked Nostril - NO SENSE OF SMELL

When The Problem Started - When my nose was good (functioning properly) I naturally suffered from a limited sense of smell due to my other senses (hearing and seeing) being better than average, which is normal in many if not all people. Meaning, I could still smell gas and other bad odours. However, as this cancer symptom physically blocked my right nostril and its side walls, I could not smell anything whatsoever.

With Chemotherapy - At the beginning of the second week of chemotherapy treatment, after my airflow had returned, I knew my sense of smell had returned because suddenly I could smell dog poo! I realised at that moment Tunde's son, who was sitting on a chair in our local pharmacist waiting for me to collect my prescribed medication, must have trode in some dog poo after I had picked him up from school.

Now - I still get a blocked right nostril, but now in a "normal" way. Mucus is green and runny at times and dry at other times, but not to the point it is hindering my breathing. I can sleep much better in the night and breathe quite easily in the day; which I am happy about of course. My right nasal passage (right inner nostril) has also become much smaller/tighter (more like normal) and not so internally inflamed as before.