What Are The Face Symptoms Of Ethmoid Sinus Cancer?

Unbearable Toothaches - Cheek Bone Aches - Electric Shocks

On this page you will find descriptions of the trigger neurology symptoms and problems I had, and may still have, with regards to my diagnosis of High Grade NeuroEndocrine Carcinoma of Ethmoid Sinus. A rare form of sinus cancer that only has around 100 recorded cases in the entire world; making me unique but unlucky at the same time because not many people will have had treatment for it.....and survived.

Trigger Neurology - PAINS IN THE FACE

As a person who has Trigger Neurology (TN) in the left-side of his face, I originally thought my cancer was my trigger neurology just extending itself over to the right-side of my face; in a natural way. It was not until I tested this theory with my trigger neurology tablets whereby they did not work that I thought this is something else.

Trigger Neurology is a condition where the nerve(s) in your face give you excruciating pains such as headaches, cheek bone aches, earaches and toothaches that feel like electric shocks. Trigger Neurology pains normally require extra strong pain killers at first, such as Paracetamol with Co-Dine/Co-Dydramo and/or Tramadol, before proper diagnosis; especially if you get all facial pains at once.

I have experienced these pains many times over and believe me, they are nasty. The cheek bone pains feel like you are constantly being punched in the face, to the point you feel as if your cheek bone is cracked/fractured, and the toothaches give the sensation that your teeth are rock hard like porcelain whereby it is sensitive to bite. On top of this: One day one tooth might ache, another day three different teeth might ache and another day no teeth might ache. These random teeth aches just switch on/off when they feel like it.

The headaches, especially if pressure headaches (i.e. more painful when you lie down), can be so unbearable that you may need to take two doses of pain killer at one time just to kill the strength of the pain; bringing it down to a mild headache. The problem with most, if not all, pain killers is that they take too much time to activate.

As well as pains, Trigger Neurology can also cause numbness in the face. In my case I got it all over the right cheek and in the upper lip region. It was the same numbness as being anesthetised by a dentist, only it lasted months not hours. Luckily, slowly but surely, my chemotherapy treatments began taking care of the main numbness; leaving me with occasional, but more mild, numbness.

At this time: My TN has worn off to the point I ocassionally get a very mild cheek bone ache and/or slight tooth ache whereby they are bearable enough not to need medication.

Trigger Neurology - GET IT CHECK A.S.A.P

If you begin to suffer Cold like symptoms and/or Trigger Neurology like symptoms, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for a Neurology appointment. In hindsight, these pains I felt on the right-side of my face could of been the actual signs and pains of the cancer.